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Dear interviewer or interviewee,
Dear panelist or panel chair,
Dear keynote speaker,
Dear researcher,

Do you have contributions that open up questions, are written in an accessible style to draw in readers with various backgrounds? Can you help the scientific community at large in grasping the bigger picture? Instead of writing standard research papers, Lonely Scholar seeks authors who stimulate conversation among both experts and non-specialists with an interest in diverse topics, such as biology, computing, philosophy, and psychology. Do you have critical and inspiring questions which you are willing to pose to experts in an interview or a panel discussion? Perhaps you are such an expert who has to deliver a keynote address at a conference or who is planning to write a book. In either case, Lonely Scholar may become your next venue of scientific publication.

We use a floating editorial board: reviewers and editors are chosen depending on the topic. For panels or interviews, keep in mind that formal approval of all actors (interviewer, interviewee, panelist, speaker, editor, author) is essential.

Our marketing is tailored to a highly educated audience, including academia. We seek presence in all major online bookstores. Additionally, our publications are available on order in most brick-and-mortar bookstores around the world, but are typically not stocked in stores since they do not address the mass market.

Publishing options

→ Full-length books, with an ideal length of 200–300 pages. An ebook version is possible.
→ Lonely Scholar Conversations publishes shorter contributions in booklet and/or e-booklet form.